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T.J. Hope's Short Stories

Enjoy Short Stories exclusively written by T.J. Hope

Dangerously In Love

Published in Love Letters by Delphine Publications (Anthology)

T.J.'s book, Dangerously In Love, was created by readers' demand after this short story was written in 2018.
Mya is the definition of bad, an arm-piece for wealthy men and the envy of women. But inside she fights her own interior demons and psychological issues. The accidental death of her fiance throws her both into suspicion and wealth. Then, she meets a man that could be his twin brother, Derrick. On Valentines Evening, she follows him to the classy, Odyssey Poetry Lounge where she plans to claim her new man at all costs.

Knock U Down

Published in Hot N' Wet by Delphine Publications (Erotic Anthology)

Sharonda Mac is successful, accomplished and attractive. She has everything a woman of forty would want, except for a man. With her 40s come a sex drive and lust for the unordinary. Then, as if he'd heard her silent cry, a man sixteen years her junior enters her life and takes her on a sexual rollercoaster she does not want to get off of.

All I Want For Christmas

Published in This Christmas by Delphine Publications (Erotic Anthology)

THIS CHRISTMAS it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or if you've been nice.

Step out of the cold and into the world of sexy neighborhoods, tempting boardrooms, hot clubs, and kinky mansions.

From steamy forbidden office romances to titillating second chances at love, these authors have penned erotically romantic short stories that will leave you breathless.

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