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I’m trapped in some type of addiction

Shit is real, this ain’t no Urban Fiction

The way you have me riding up and down on that diction

Man, we gon’ fuck around and get an eviction

The neighbors already think they know your name Shawn

Talking about can you and “oh that’s my spot’ join in our celebration

We’re on a higher elevation of elation

Complex vibrations

Faced with temptations, laced with sensations

Slow down Daddy, you’re causing an over-flowation of stimulation

The way you hold a conversation

Your education, mental stimulation, elaboration,

Meditation, just a few more injections of your medications

Honest confessions or regrettable reflections

That flipped and shattered and shifted into beautiful revelations

We got this fire attraction, reacting with dire reactions

The way you always keep me pointed in the right directions

And oh those erections, are purely perfections

Please don’t provide a solution nor a correction

I'm so turned on by the melanin in your complexion

You make me hot baby, I mean perspiration

Shit, I’m warmer than situations on a tropical vacation

Opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling for quite a duration

Realizing that Shawn was just a figmentation of my imagination

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