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Love Affair With Words

I never thought a word could be the sweetest shit I’ve ever heard

Like, kissing chocolate covered lips.

Damn. I only added a verb

Whether you’re written on pages or developed in stages

Your nouns wrap me up

This is delicious, contagious

Your syllables and parables makes it undeniable, that I fell for you

As long as I can read, write, listen to you

I’m never blue

Like glue intertwined by your sonnets, stanzas and echo verse

Look what you do baby, let’s write a Haiku

You make me free verse

And oooo, when you put that right lyric on me

There’s just no place, I’d rather be

You just get me

You massage me in places and fill in black spaces

You make love to my mind

That hot spot most men can’t find

The way you spark a poem is out of the norm

That thing you do with romance

Makes this love last

Erotica, you get so naughty, I’m begging for more please

Got me feeling hot and bothered

Ready to come out my panties

Oooo, you’re a tease

That good mind fuck, I’ll never leave

All these things you do to me makes his mind wander

Is there another man, another love?

He starts to ponder

Hard for him to understand this complete and utter obsession

Characters, plots and word-play

Stealing my attention

No, you see there is not another penis

It’s all in these metaphors

That’s causing these secretions

So if you like caressing these hips and tasting these lips

Or spending quality times

Captured in my intimate rhymes

Then, he has to understand, he could never truly be my only one

And he try again to break up this Love Affair I’m having with Words

We’re done.

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