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Book Blurb

Have you ever had a man bond with your body so ideally that he caused a distraction to your life in some way?

Sharonda has allowed her emotions to get the best of her and ends up in jail. Tamela, Trisha, and Sydney have been close friends with her since college. They have been through their share of shenanigans together. They show up to aid Sharonda in picking up the pieces. An intervention that involves uninhibited girl talk, cocktails, and therapy, their way.

One by one, the girlfriends tell tales of situations and temptations with the men that take their bodies to heights that have never been matched. These recaps form an erotic short story collection that will stimulate your senses while taking you on an entertaining journey with these men, the Dickstractions.


I can’t wait until this damn meeting is over so I can go with Andre.

Cameron kicked me lightly under the table to get my attention. His way of notifying me to get it together.

I looked over to see Brenda making her way back over to us. She took a seat on the side couch for one closest to Cameron.

“Okay, so now that we are all here …” she looked at me with a side glance, “… we can finally get started.”

The panties began to vibrate.

Brenda heard them as it happened so fast I hadn’t had time to squeeze my legs together, to quiet the noise.

“What is that?” she said, looking at me confused.

“Oh umm, just my cell phone vibrating …” I answered.

I fumbled with the phone. I could not turn it off until the vibration ceased. It finally did.

“Oh, there it goes. It’s off,” I stated apologetically.

Brenda looked at me side-eyed, adjusting the glasses on her nose as if I was already getting on her nerves.

I looked at Andre with a look, ‘I am going to get you for this.’ Brenda’s eyes followed mine as I tried to look away.

She saw him.

“Oh, my goodness, is that Andre? What is he doing here?”

She stood up and waved to him, motioning for him to join us. He strolled over, and they embraced with a tight hug.

"Cameron and Sharonda, I’d like for you to meet Andre, my son.”⠀⠀

**Stay Tuned for 2023 Tour Dates**

TJ's Book & Birthday Tour

May 2021


May 1

Sapphire JBlue Blog Talk Radio Interview

12:00 pm Est. Sapphire JBlue interviews and has a book chat with TJ Hope on Dangerously In Love, dysfunction, and mental health. Listen to re-play here.


May 7

Special Guest Artist - Floetry In Motion at Zoba Lounge

8:00 pm Est. Poetry Event!! TJ Hope will read an excerpt from Dangerously In Love and perform poetry. Autographed copies will be available at her book table. Zoba Lounge 900 E. Atlantic Blvd., Pompano Beach, FL 33060


May 13

Featured Artist - Love Jones Open Mic at Krave Restaurant & Lounge

7:00 pm Est. "5 Years" Celebration!! Visionary, TJ Hope, will be our FEATURED Author & Poet. Autographed paperbacks will be available at her book table. Krave Restaurant & Lounge 4519 N. Pine Island Rd. Sunrise, FL 33351 


May 19

Host - Live Audience Edition - Convos & Cocktails with TJ at Greenhouse Kafe

8:00 pm Est. TJ will be Live and in-person with Guest Co-Host: Houndawg Buck50!  His -vs- Her Perspective

Intimate Setting. Meet TJ! FREE Entry&Shots! Books! Greenhouse Kafe 1141 W. McNab Rd. Pompano Beach, FL 33069 


May 26

Featured Author - Tongues Speak All Arts Open Mic at Thirty1 Lounge

7:30 pm Est. Featured Author: Dangerously In Love Book excerpts poetry and more, Autographed paperback books will be available. All-Arts Open Mic Thrifty1 Lounge 1931 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, FL 33020


May 27

Eargasm: TJ's Birthday & Book Bash 

7:00 pm Est. Double Feature w/ Will Serius. Erotic Poetry! Party! Book Launch! Champagne Toast!

Celebrate TJ's Birthday with her! Books! Krave Restaurant & Lounge 4519 N. Pine Island Rd. Sunrise, FL 33351


May 29

May Book Fest - Indie Author Day in Atlanta

2:00 pm - 7:00 pm Est. Zane's Indie Author Day Event! TJ Hope will have a book table with Dangerously In Love and Hood Lemonade Trilogy autographed copies for Indie Author Day! Book Boutique 260 18th Street, Atlanta, GA 30363 

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