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Have you ever had a man bond with your body so ideally that he caused a distraction to your life in some way?

Sharonda has allowed her emotions to get the best of her and ends up in jail. Tamela, Trisha, and Sydney have been close friends with her since college. They have been through their share of shenanigans together. They show up to aid Sharonda in picking up the pieces. An intervention that involves uninhibited girl talk, cocktails, and therapy, their way.

One by one, the girlfriends tell tales of situations and temptations with the men that take their bodies to heights that have never been matched. These recaps form an erotic short story collection that will stimulate your senses while taking you on an entertaining journey with these men, the Dickstractions. 

Dangerously In Love

The men that Mya fall in love with, are dying under strange circumstances. The latest investigation casts suspicion on her as its prime murder suspect.

Having little recollection of what transpired, Mya flees Miami to Chicago. There she falls in love with a handsome and wealthy man that loves her for more than a beautiful accessory. She vows that her new life with him will not put him in danger. But his inability to remain faithful changes everything.

Assuming a new identity far away may elude arrest. But can it alleviate her treacherous thoughts? Her animalistic need for passionate sexual encounters clouds her judgment as her mind and heart fight an internal battle. She struggles to love beyond her physical and psychological impulses.

Till Death Do Us Part

Hood Lemonade Trilogy


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The beginning. The book that started it all.

Jamika witnesses a brutal crime at the tender age of five, causing her to view life through dark lenses. Growing up in the grimy hoods of South Florida, troubles are often hidden behind sunshine and palm trees.

Family secrets taunt her, building an unwillingness to trust any man she attempts to love. Her only solace is the rare, sultry singing voice she possesses. It is her only escape from reality and her self-proclaimed ticket out of the hood. Then, out of nowhere, comes handsome, sensitive, and wealthy Deonte Bryant. The wall she’s built around her heart comes crashing down.

Sex, betrayal, revenge, and even death will pull you into this saga of Jamika’s quest for happiness. She must now take extreme measures to save her dream or die trying.

And the saga continues ...

Jamika turned her lemons into the proverbial lemonade. Her childhood dream of aspiring to be a singer had become real. She’d also married the love of her life. She loved her husband but had begun to wonder if she’d married him too quickly.

The new attention, fame, wealth, and hanging with the hottest celebrities have her nipples standing up in a few men’s directions. She’d dealt with betrayal and dishonesty and never wanted to become that type of person herself. Yet, circumstances can change intention.

Ghosts from the past and present combine, catapulting her into a downward spiral. Then, the ultimate secret is uncovered. Jamika realizes that her life is not the only one she must fight for.

Shockers, sex, betrayal, and consequences will pull you into this whirlwind. With her career, marriage, and life on the line, Jamika must risk it all for her last shot at redemption.

The Finale

After an attempt on her life, Jamika has taken hiatus from her singing career to focus on her marriage, safety, and sanity. She is done with the past, moving on to a fruitful and fulfilling future.

Shaquita’s feisty attitude is building her a rap sheet, as she battles trust issues with men. Charlene is still working hard to get a ballplayer and is still neglecting her children, in the process. A handsome, wealthy, and dangerous man has an interest in them both.

The massive search for Nalisha continues. Meanwhile, the discovery of Jamika’s missing uncle’s remains points to her as a suspect in his murder. Even the people she holds closest begin to look at her in suspicion. A slew of unexpected occurrences forces them ALL to lay their cards on the table.

THIS CHRISTMAS it doesn't matter if you've been naughty or if you've been nice.

Step out of the cold and into the world of sexy neighborhoods, tempting boardrooms, hot clubs, and kinky mansions.

From steamy forbidden office romances to titillating second chances at love, these authors have penned erotically romantic short stories that will leave you breathless.
*Anthology with short stories by TJ Hope and some of your favorite authors.



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